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What is Screenplay Coverage / Analysis?

Hollywood agents, managers, producers and studio execs employ hundreds of experienced readers each year whose sole responsibility is to recommend (or more likely reject) your screenplay.

Isn't it about time you had one of those readers on your side?


Save My Script provides detailed script analysis and personal story consultation for all writers who wish to have their screenplays, spec scripts and treatments submitted for a thorough, professional review.

Our loyalty resides solely with you, the writer, focusing on the specific needs of the material and offering thoughtful, critical improvements to prepare your script for production, competition or agency submission. As with any art-form, the opinion of the reviewer is a subjective one. Whether or not the story is good or bad is irrelevant to us. What matters most is if the screenplay is written correctly, effectively and as professionally as possible.

So check us out and find out why Save My Script is becoming the most requested analysis in the business., g

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